13 Best FL Studio Alternatives To Create Your Own Music

If music is your thing, then you need to check out these best FL Studio alternatives right away. But first, let’s not forget that FL Studio is one of the best digital audio workstations out there. The software does stand tall among the numerous collections of similar music tools.

The brain behind FL Studio is to give artists and composers the chance to focus on making music, not spending time learning how to use a music tool. In other words, it was built for those who are not tech-savvy to use with ease.

However, there is tons of complex digital audio workstation out there. But we have managed to handpick the ones that are simple and have intuitive interfaces, among other incredible features. They also come with a vast array of music editing and composition tools like FL Studio, aka Fruity Loops Studio, do. Check them out below!

13 Best FL Studio Alternatives

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1. Reaper

This digital audio workstation is one of the best alternatives to FL Studio in all ramifications. It is feature-rich and has an intuitive interface that is super easy to navigate. The tool also runs seamlessly for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Reaper is quite easy to use. It also has an active forum comprising of individuals who are always there to see you through. Besides that, the software also has a user guide that makes it simple to understand. You can also watch videos to learn how to use the tool if it’s your first time doing so.

Reaper is also tightly coded and loads with incredible speed. It also runs from a network or portable drive. You will also have access to tons of studio effects to make your sounds pleasant to the ears from this well-made digital audio workstation.

2. Avid Pro Tools

The Pro Tool from Avid technologies comes with everything you need to deliver quality sounds. And it’s a unique tool developed to revolutionize music, movie, and television, including the entertainment industry in general.

If you are passionate about making quality music, then you will find Avid Pro Tools useful. The tool is simple to use. It also makes music production fun and simple for the newbie and seasoned producers.

With this digital audio workstation, you can make music anywhere you find yourself. Whether in your studio, home, or the cloud, Avid Pro Tools will make everything possible for you. The tool comes written in C, C++, and assembly. It also supports Mac and Windows operating systems, including nine different languages.

3. Audacity

Do you fancy the idea of using a free digital audio workstation? If yes, then you should give Audacity a try. The tool is open-source and entirely free to use. It was developed by a group of volunteers who wanted to change how people make music.

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Audacity is a multi-track and robust tool for making music. It lets you edit and record audio with ease. The software also supports diverse operating systems. These include Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

This tool also supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 34-bit. Another impressive thing about the tool is that the file formats and sample rates are easily converted through the use of superior sampling and dithering. Plus, you can also manipulate the tracks and selections via the use of the keyboard.

4. Ardour

Ardour is another top FL Studio alternative out there. The tool has all the bells and whistles to help you get your music-making projects off the ground. You can use it to master, mix, edit or record audio and MIDI files with ease.

This software runs seamlessly on diverse platforms. These include Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is also written in C++. This tool is also a breeze to use and highly customizable.

Ardour is a top-quality tool for users who won’t complain even when paying handsomely to use. But the shocking thing is that it’s an open-source tool, which means anyone can access it for free. Top sound engineers, producers, and musicians designed this tool to give music lovers a chance to enjoy making music.

5. OpenMPT

The OpenMPT is an audio module tracker that runs only on Windows operating system. The tool is open-source and is free to use. But despite being free, it does come with incredible features you will find useful. The software also has a large and active community of users that will help you get past any awkward moment while using the program.

The full meaning of OpenMPT is Open ModPlug Tracker. It’s a popular and one of the most frequently used trackers across the globe. Plus, it was also recognized by Computer Music magazine in 2007 as one of the top free music trackers to tryout.

This tool does have some advanced features that make the audio module tracking process enjoyable. Another thing that stands this software out from the crowd is that it can import a wide array of module formats.


LMMS is an elegant FL Studio alternative by all standards. Another thing that makes this program a wise choice is that it’s a free tool. It can get the task done, and it is available for free as well.

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This program runs seamlessly on Windows, and Linux, including on the web. Once the application is installed on a computer, it will offer you a chance to produce quality music. It synthesizes the sounds, arranges samples, and more.

LMMS is also a free cross-platform tool for making music. The tool is also available in diverse languages. So there is nothing like a language barrier when making use of this software. This tool lets you compose music, fine-tune notes, and many more!

7. Sound Forge

Using a free digital audio workstation is cool. Most of them offer some impressive features. But you should not expect the output to be that perfect since you are dealing with a free tool.

However, any seasoned music maker working on a professional or paid project would want to use the best tools. This implies tools that provide accurate audio editing and more. Sound Forge is one of such digital work station tools that can guarantee you a precise result.

With innovative workflow and cutting edge technology, Sound Forge stands out from the crowd. It’s a paid tool that is commonly used by top producers across the globe.

8. GoldWave

Whether you are a beginner or pro music producer, GoldWave is a tool you will certainly like. It comes designed to handle music production projects from the simplest recording tasks to the most challenging audio process tasks.

GoldWave is a paid tool that can do a lot of things when it comes to music production. It can record, restore, convert, and also analyze your files with ease.

This tool runs seamlessly on Windows operating system. You can also access it via the web. Plus, it’s super easy to learn, unlike many other related tools.

9. Garageband

Garageband is another highly-rated FL Studio alternatives and a paid tool as well. It’s simple to use a digital workstation that can get you to produce some perfect vibes.

This tool is also not that complicated to understand or use. Plus, you can produce and add drum groves to any song. You can also shape the sound of whatever instrument you please in the sound library using Smart Controls.

This iOS software also comes designed to make everything simple for you. You can even control it and play whatever software instrument you please wirelessly on your iPad via the Logic Remote application.

10. Ableton Live

This tool is more than just a digital audio workstation. It is feature-rich and useful for many applications. Ableton Live was designed to serve as an instrument for any live performance. But the tool handles areas like recording, composing, arranging, and mixing, including mastering perfectly well.

Ableton is also cherished by DJs owing to the various useful features it has. It offers a vast array of controls that makes functions like beat-matching, cross-fading, and a host of other effects possible.

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This digital audio workstation and music sequencer tool is a paid tool. It also runs seamlessly in the web, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

11. Traverso-DAW

Traverso-DAW holds an impressive record as one fastest and most efficient audio editing tool to have. So, rest assured that you are getting good value when using this software. And to crown it all, it is entirely free of charge.

This tool comes designed to offer everyone that’s into music, a chance to showcase their creativity. It also claims to help users record, compose, and edit audio files with ease that has never experienced with other tools.

With this software, you can do the unimaginable. You can record a mic into any of your single tracks or as much as your storage space can handle.

12. AudioTool

The AudioTool is a collaborative music production studio that can let you do the unimaginable. If your job involves making music, this tool will make it much easier. Plus, you will also enjoy the process.

This tool has an impressive active user-base that will profit you. You can connect with artists in your genre and fans to get feedback on your songs. AudioTool also supports live collaboration. You can invite any of your friends that are into music to collaborate with you via this online program.

So waste no time! Signup for free to AudioTool to have access to this feature-rich music production program!

13. Studio One

Studio One is another DAW application created to make music production easy for beginners and experts in the field. It let you record, create, mix, and also master music with ease.

This tool features advanced virtual instruments that will enable you to produce great vibes. It’s intuitive editing tools, and single-screen interface also makes it a joy to use for music production.

Studio One also supports Windows and Mac operating systems. It also supports eight different languages to eliminate the language barrier to some degree.


So here you have it; the best FL Studio alternatives out there. These tools are a joy to use. They are simple yet highly effective for creating, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and performing other tasks related to music production.

So, if you are into music and haven’t tried any one of these, you can do so right away. This list has both paid and free (open-source) alternatives to FL studio. So consider that when trying each program out.

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