Can You Wear an Apple Watch in the Shower? (Find Out Now)

Apple watches are classy devices giving Apple users an unrivalled experience. These state-of-the-art devices blend seamless integration, durable design, and innovation to provide users with an experience like no other.

An Apple watch will connect with your iPhone, allowing you to read notifications, send & receive texts, and make calls comfortably and efficiently. As a user, you should always take advantage of an Apple watches’ advanced functionalities to improve your experience at home.

Today, most users want to know if Apple watches can be worn in the shower. Are they waterproof? This guide looks at everything you should understand about Apple watches and their water-resistance properties.

Can You Wear Your Apple Watch in the Shower?

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Yes. You can wear your Apple watch in the shower. However, it can only be up to a certain degree of contact with water. Note that Apple watches are available in 8 generations/series. So, the amount of exposure to water will differ significantly depending on your particular model.

According to support.Apple, you can only expose your Apple watch to medium-level water contact during exercise or when you are washing your hands. But not otherwise. Furthermore, all Apple watches are designed to be water-resistant but not waterproof.

Apple support further explains that the Apple watches 1st series or the 1st generation Apple watches were manufactured in 2015 with modern design technology to improve their water resistance properties. The Aluminum, stainless steel and 18kt gold casing used in Apple watches are water-resistant and splash-proof.

According to Apple support, the 2nd generation or series 2 Apple watch is designed to function appropriately in shallow water, like swimming for less than 30 minutes. Also, it is not recommended to wear the Apple watch series 2 if you want to go for higher-velocity water sporting activities like skiing or scuba diving.

Apart from skiing and scuba diving, here are more conditions you should never expose your Apple watch:

  1. Exposing your Apple watch to soap whenever you are showering.
  2. Exposing your Apple watch to acids, cleaning detergents, oil, hair dye, and several other solvents.
  3. Exposing your Apple watch to high-velocity water sporting activities, including snorkeling.
  4. Using an Apple watch in a steam room or sauna.

Note that the stainless steel plates and the leather straps of Apple watches will deteriorate over time if exposed to excess water in the shower.

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Always clean your Apple watch with fresh lukewarm water and mild liquid detergent if it accidentally contaminates with soap, solvents, acid, hair dye, oil, and other substances.

If you expose an Apple watch to excess water, the acoustic membranes and the’ water seal will malfunction.

Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Devices

Water-resistant devices can withstand mild water penetration, while waterproof devices have 100% protection from water penetration. Waterproof devices are more impervious to water than water-resistant devices.

The definitions of each term are different. However, most people confuse or think these words mean the same.

Water-resistant devices can withstand water up to a certain level and not fully. Water resistance is the lowest level of water permeability to a device. Examples include smart watches, modern phones, and a few electronic gadgets.

Waterproof devices will not be affected by water and can withstand lengthy soaking in water or solvents. Manufacturers determine a device’s waterproof capability scale using the Ingress Protection Rating scale (IP Code) from 0 to 6.

Is Apple Watch Water-Resistant or Waterproof?

All Apple watches are water-resistant and not waterproof, meaning they can only withstand water penetration up to a certain degree depending on their series or generation. Older Apple watches can withstand mild water contact from hand washing, sweat, or light rain.

The original Apple Watch 1 has a water-resistance level scale of x7, and its successors, Apple series 2, 3, 4, and 5, can withstand a total soaking up to 50 meters deep. However, you must activate the water Lock feature to protect your device from water damage. Note that none of the Apple watch series can withstand soaking more than 50 meters deep.

Avoid high-pressure water for extended periods if you are wearing an Apple Watch. Otherwise, you might begin noticing discoloration, moisture patches on the screen, a breach in the water lock application, and rust.

Also, remember that the water resistance level of any Apple Watch declines over time. So, the older your watch, the more risk it faces with water contact. Always check and reseal your Apple watch to avoid damage.

Can I Shower With an Apple Watch 7?

As stated before, all Apple watches are water-resistant and not waterproof, including the Apple Watch 7. Showering with your Apple Watch 7 is not recommended. Using soap, shampoo, conditioners, or other washing solvents will also affect the seal and acoustic membrane, causing muffled sounds from the watches’ speaker.

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The 7th generation Apple Watch is an innovative improvement from the previous Apple Watches series. This watch is crack and dust resistant compared to the other generations.

However, Apple Watch 7 has the same IP6X rating as the rest. It can withstand depths of up to 50 meters and last approximately 30 minutes soaked in water. Even if you activate the Water Lock app, an Apple Watch 7 might still malfunction under extreme conditions.


Can I Wear Apple Watch 6 in the Shower?

Just like the other series, the Apple Watch 6 is water-resistant. This watch reacts negatively with soap, solvents, and shampoo. Fortunately, you can wear your Apple Watch 6 in the shower, but not for extended periods.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is resilient. But showering with your smartwatch can cause discolouration, a breach in the water lock app, fuzzy growth on the charging set, and other issues.

Detergents might also cause defects in the speaker and reduce the watches’ water resistance properties. Exposure to excess moisture in the bathroom will also lead to water damage.

Can I Wear my Apple Watch 5 in the Shower?

Yes. You can wear your Apple Watch 5 in the shower. This particular watch series is not only advanced in its performance. It is water-resistant and will not damage if exposed to slight water contact in the shower. Though, never expose it to soapy water or shampoo for too long when you are in the shower.

The Apple Watch 5 is more efficient than its predecessors. This smartwatch was manufactured in 2019 with advanced water-resistant properties for light activities like showering. Today, users can either go swimming or snorkelling with their series 5 Apple watches without any worries.

Enabling the water lock will protect your Apple Watch 5 from water damage when showering. The water lock feature helps this watch to push the water out from its internal components.

As such, you can install swimming-related or health-oriented apps to operate when swimming. Some apps will help you swim better by timing your performance without worrying about water-damaging the Apple watch.

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According to a recent waterproof test on YouTube done by an Apple watch user, exposing your Apple watch to water for approximately 20 minutes will not damage it.

But the screen will be slippery to operate. Wiping the screen with a dry cloth will allow the watch to perform normally.

Contact with excess water will affect the acoustic membranes and the watches’ exterior water seal.

When Should I Use the Water Lock on Apple Watch?

It is not necessary to activate the water lock feature on your Apple watch whenever you are going for a shower. However, remember to turn the water lock on if you want to swim for extended periods. This locking feature prevents any accidental taps when you are swimming.

All Apple watches are water resistant and will not damage if exposed to mild water contact for approximately 30 minutes. Unfortunately, these watches are not waterproof. It would be best if you remembered to activate this feature to improve the watches’ service time or performance.

Note that a water lock seals an Apple watch to prevent damage and protect the water seal.

Do I Need to Water Lock my Apple Watch Before Showering?

Activate the app before going to swim, shower, or shallow diving. Afterwards, turn off the app. This app helps to clear moisture when an Apple watch is soaked in water. Water lock is an advanced Apple Watch feature that, when activated, prevents water from penetrating the watch or ejecting water from the speakers to prevent further damage.

Swipe up to display the control centre on your screen to activate the app. Look for the water icon mark (water lock feature). Click on the water lock icon to start it before going into the water.

The process of switching the water lock feature is the same no matter the watches’ generation.

Pro Tip: Always remember to use the water lock feature on your Apple Watch no matter the situation. This will prevent water from penetrating your Apple watch, causing significant water damage over time.

Protecting your Apple watch from lengthy contact with water is among the best method that guarantees an extended lifetime.

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