Can You Wear AirPods While Working Out? (Answered)

Do you love listening to music while working out? Many people do. You may love it for pleasure, but the good news is science has proven pairing music with exercise is healthful. It makes you work harder and run more, elevates your mood, and can also help you keep pace. 

That welcomes the idea of using AirPods in the gym. But are these buddies made for exercising? Or will they fall off when lifting weights or doing some cardio, or will they get damaged when you sweat? 

Well, in this article, we’ll cover using AirPods while working out to help you know if you can safely use the Apple-made devices or if you should look for other options, including wireless headphones, to create the best time in the gym. 

Let’s read on. 

Can you Wear AirPods in the Gym? 

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Yes, you can wear AirPods in the gym. For many gym goers, the earbuds are stable in the ear canal – and don’t fall off even when doing many rigorous exercises, including intense running and heavy cardio, to create discomfort. But before taking AirPods to the gym, ensure you pick the best-suited devices for the occasion.

The best AirPods, such as AirPod 3, are IPX4 rated, which means they’re moisture resistant, and you’ll enjoy listening to your music or podcasts comfortably during your sessions without them popping out. 

First and second-generation AirPods, however, may not create the best experience in the gym as they get wet easily, especially during heavy-lifting sessions. But they may work just as fine when you’re doing some light cardio. 

If you use AirPods in the gym for a long time, the following tips come in handy. 

1. Clean your AirPods after use 

Immediately after you’re done with your session, clean the AirPods of bacteria and sweat from building up and negatively affecting their functionality. 

Use a disinfectant wipe or dip a cotton towel in alcohol to clean your gym partners. 

2. Store properly after use 

After workout, store your AirPods in their carrying case for continued usage. 

That said, AirPods may still not be the best fit for you. 

For example, if you’re hoping to use your AirPods for marathon-like sessions, such as staying on the stationary bike or treadmill for about 90 minutes, you may want to look for other options such as Jabra Sport – which is more suited for the task. 

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Also, the ability of AirPods to fit and stay firm depends on the type of your ears (size and shape). For some unlucky people, AirPods won’t just fall out during sessions – even light sessions – but they also don’t fit in the ears.

If you want to know your luck with using AirPods in the gym, try to fit in the regular earpods. If you can work out with them comfortably, then you can safely use AirPods in the gym as they’re pretty much the same. 

Do AirPods Fall Out While Running?

Apple has specially designed AirPods to fit in almost all types of ears to ensure the earbuds won’t fall out while running. Some gym goers confess to running 2 half marathons with AirPods and never worry about them falling out. 

However, if you subject these little workout partners to extreme movement such as intense running, don’t act surprised when they come out. 

Fortunately, you can try the following techniques to prevent your Apple AirPods from falling. 

1. Adjust the length of your AirPods 

Tweak the length of your AirPods to your preference. If you’ve big ears, lengthen them and vice-versa for small ears. 

2. Twist your Apple AirPods 

After you put the AirPods in your ears, twist the tip a little bit (about 30 degrees, so the stem lies horizontally) to prevent it from wiggling. 

You can also bend your wrist while running, although this might create an uncomfortable workout experience. You may also want to try running using AirPods Pro, which has a better design and can stay fixed in the ears in vigorous activities. 

3. Add a waterproof tape 

In this DIY method, you add a sticky and durable waterproof such as The Nexcare 3M brand to keep the AirPods from slipping. 

Using a hole punch, cut pieces of the tape and stick one near the top and the other at the bottom of your earbuds. Once done, put on your AirPods and start your running sessions – the earbuds won’t come out. 

4. Use AirPods accessories 

  • EarLobe stabilizers 

Do you remember those Ear lobe fixers used to hide the appearance of damaged or stretched ear lobes? Use them ingeniously to peg your earlobes to help AirPods fit in securely. The best ear lobe stabilizers for this purpose have bumps or ridges for more grip. 

AhaStyle’s Silicone Ear Hooks Cover slip over AirPods and Earpods with their little hooks hanging onto your ears to keep the earbuds in position while you’re running. They are easy to use, although you’ve to remove them when you want to charge the AirPods. 

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Other accessories you can use to secure AirPods firmly in your ears are EarSkinz AirPods covers and AirPod hooks, EarBuddyz Ear Hooks and DamonLight Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sports Covers


Can I Wear AirPods While Sweating?

While AirPods are sweat resistant, the earbuds are not sweatproof. That means you can wear them when working out but avoid exposing them to sweat for the heck of it (that is, if you’re not working out) because you risk damaging the earbuds through perspiration.

The gym buddies can tolerate your sweat, if you want to listen to music or podcasts on AirPods while working out. But according to Apple, the best practice is after working out; remove the earbuds and wipe down the insides of your AirPods with a clean, dry, soft, lint-free cloth before putting them again in your ears or storing them in the charging case.

Do AirPods Fall Out When You Sweat?

Usually, Airpods don’t fall out when you sweat. Although for some gym goers (it all depends on the type and size of the ears), the earbuds might slip out, especially after heavy sweating, which makes the AirPods slippery and easy to come out. 

The good news is if you find them coming out after you sweat, you can use the same DIY methods we have seen or buy one of the AirPods accessories to help keep the earbuds in position. 

Are AirPods 3 Good For Working Out?

Yes, AirPods 3 are good for working out. They are better than the previous generations, thanks to their excellent features. The earbuds have short stems but a little longer on the inside of the ear to keep AirPods 3 in a position where they hardly dangle or even move.

The stem is also tilted horizontally, allowing the AirPods to sit in place. These make AirPods 3 excellent gym companions allowing you to work for many hours without them falling off. 

With an IPX4 rating, AirPods can withstand sweat while working out and also some rain splashes when working out outside with light rain. 

While AirPods 3 are not much effective in noise cancelation, you’ll barely hear noises from your gym mates or any other music playing in the room. 

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What’s more, as your favorite gym buddies, AirPods 3 come with great battery life and solid sound. 

Can You Run With AirPods in the Rain?

Although not waterproof, AirPods are water resistant as they have an IPX4 rating. That means you can run with the earbuds in light amounts of rain without getting damaged. 

And according to some workout enthusiasts, you can safely run with AirPods in the rain: “I can confirm they’re pretty good at withstanding rain,” says Jack Moran via Quora. That is because even if the rain is heavy, your ears act as a cushion for the AirPods, reducing the amount of rainwater hitting the earbuds. 

That said, avoid risking the AirPods by running in heavy rains. Also, just because the earbuds can withstand light rain, do not run with them. But if it starts raining while you are on your AirPods, you have a reason not to freak out. 

Airpods or Wireless Headphones: Which Ones are Better For the Gym?

Are AirPods the best gym companions over those wireless headphones with a band running over your head? Gym enthusiasts prefer AirPods, and it’s easy to see why. 

Thanks to their shapes and excellent features, AirPods stay in your ears without falling off. That allows you the luxury to do rigorous sessions, jump, and run, all while listening to music or podcasts without worrying about the AirPods coming out. That luxury is a dream when exercising with wireless headphones, which effortlessly come out with slight movements. 

The only drawback of AirPods is they have short battery life compared to wireless headphones, and their music quality cannot match their counterparts. That’s not to say AirPods have terrible battery lifespan or poor sound quality – they can stay for about 2 hours with decent music quality. 

So, as a gym enthusiast, would you sacrifice a decent-sounding earbud that stays in your ears no matter what you do for one that can fall anytime just because it sounds super great for hours? 

Final thoughts

Don’t worry about wearing AirPods in the gym or freak out when it starts raining while running outside. Many gym goers do it safely.

Just ensure after every workout session, you clean and store your earbuds appropriately, as we’ve seen.

If the AirPods cannot stay in place? Use accessories or the DIY methods to keep them firm in your ears.

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