11 Best Blinkist Alternatives To Read Your Preferred Books in 2020

Looking at the best Blinkist alternatives is encouraging. At least, these are options to a platform that made busy professionals read their preferred books. However, Blinkist is an incredible app that provides an in-depth summary of popular non-fiction, including business books for professionals who don’t have the time to read the entire copy.

The 15-minute summaries provide critical values of various books. And the app does two things. One is that it helps to enrich one’s knowledge. The other is that one can use it to decide whether a book is worth reading or not before buying it.

However, Blinkist, like every other app, isn’t perfect. It has issues that have made many individuals seek better alternatives. And if you are one of them, then here are other options you should check out.

11 Best Blinkist Alternatives

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1. 12min – Books and Audio 

Books are always in abundance. And every day, hundreds of them are being released into the market. As professionals, it is necessary to keep up with these books. You have to read to acquire more knowledge to stand out from the others in your niche. Be it a motivational speaker or business professional; everyone needs to seek knowledge from books.

That is why the 12 min is a must-have application. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. And both are the same in terms of features. And just as the name implies, the 12 min is an app that lets you access the key values of bestselling books on the market without spending long time reading. You will have access to the meat of these books without spending hours

This app also grants you the opportunity to read the summary in plain text or listen to tvia voice notes. So, you don’t have any excuse not to read, giving the diverse options available.

2. Four Minutes Books

The name alone tells you what this platform offers. And yes, they stand true to it. It is not just a name. Their summaries are always on the shorter side. You will also find a growing list of summaries of various bestsellers here.

Now, reading through the summaries will make you want to stick with the platform forever. Their contents are always rich, a clear indication that the team that does the summaries have a sound understanding of the main material or book.

Well, the only drawback you may notice on this platform is the absence of an app. Plus, the platform does not have an app dedicated to it. And one can only hope things would change because they are doing a great job. They believe in the idea that less is more. And for providing such rich content that have shorter time-frames, they deserve some accolades for that.

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3. Quiddity

Not everyone is ready to splash the cash on apps like Blinkist. That is the fact. They would instead settle for Quiddity, a free app designed to help provide summaries of popular non-fiction materials. But the thing is, Quiddity’s library cannot be compared to what Blinkist has. The latter has more in terms of summarized copies.

But let me tell you, Quiddity isn’t bad in terms of quality. Their summaries are as highly-rated as the ones on Blink. Quiddity also receives regular updates, which is an excellent thing for such a platform. It is an indication that you will never run out of books to read and educate yourself.

This platform is also available for Android and iOS device users. So, if you are one of them, start installing the app on your device now. You will also find a wide variety of books on this platform ranging from science, self-improvement, and even psychology, name it!

4. StoryShots 

Many things set StoryShots apart. One of them is its library. It features a decent amount of books, which are bestsellers. So, if you are looking for summaries of the latest books to read, StoryShots is a wise destination. The app has received praise and has tons of positive reviews from users across the globe.

This app also has an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use. You can search for whatever you are looking for within minutes. Another thing you will enjoy in this app is that it gives users diverse options. So you can choose whatever suits you.

This option includes the medium through which one can listen to summaries. You can read via text, watch videos, or listen to the audio. Just do whatever you feel is comfortable for you. Again, the books are in different categories, such as history, economics, science, and many others. And though the app has a free version which has all the features, the only problem one would encounter is with ads. And these ads can be intrusive. So the best option is to go for the premium version.

5. GetAbstract

Book summaries made easy! That is what GetAbstract offers. The platform doesn’t just contain a decent figure of summarized books in its library. Its interface makes it a joy to read from daily. This platform also makes it possible for readers to learn with whatever option they please.

What this implies is that you can read plain text or listen to the audio of the summaries. So you can learn anywhere and anytime, even when traveling via land, sea or air. GetAbstract also gives you a chance to develop your knowledge by following curated channels that belong to experts in the field.

You can learn from experts in management, technology, leadership, productivity, science, and many more! You will also find different language options such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and the English language. Plus, you will find summaries that are 10 minutes short but comes loaded with meat.

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6. HabitCoach

Good habits can set you on the path to greatness. It can make you sit among kings and queens. Most times, we read books and dwell on the key points. We only read for knowledge sake and fail to take actions neither nor apply the principles therein. But things do not work this way. If you want to change your life, you must learn to take a stand.

If you want to be healthy, then you have to do what healthy people do or are doing. Of course, you cannot achieve good health by doing the right thing today, only to do something different the next day. It has to be a continuous process.

So, HabitCoach does not let you read about how you can get certain things done. It enables you to practice them. And as you know,practice makes one perfect! Plus, you will find tons of self-improvement books here to improve your habit and achieve your goals in life.

7. Instaread

What more can you say about a book that offers access to over 800 titles? Of course, the answer would be awesome. Instaread is that and more! Plus, it can compete with Blinkist anytime and day. In addition to providing summaries on must-reads, Instaread provides contents relating to the New York Times.

The brain behind this platform is to equip readers with all-round knowledge. And the good thing is that you can access the content via various platforms. These include Android, web, and iOS platforms.

Instaread also gives you content on prominent personalities such as Jeff Bezos and other people take as role models. The platform also lets you track your completion rate, which is cool. But the only concern I have is the UI. It feels a bit clunky, so to say.

8. BookRags

BookRags is another awesome Blinkist alternatives ideal for educators and student needs. You will find diverse educational resources on this platform such as lesson plans and essay samples.

So, irrespective of your educational levels, BookRags can help you get through it. You will find summaries of popular books here. And they are all well-written short summaries designed to give you great insight.

But then, the only thing that distinguishes BookRags from a couple of other Blinkist alternatives out there is its interface. It has this dull-looking and outdated UI, which makes it look like a platform for old books. But notwithstanding, it is a great platform to try out.

9. Any Book Summary

Your thirst for knowledge is insatiable. But the major issue is time. The truth is, most books are voluminous and takes a longer time to finish. And all you need is the critical point to understand the concept behind the book. You don’t need to waste too much time reading when you have other things to do.

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Any Book Summary is another incredible Blinkist alternative you can try out. It contains summaries of fiction and non-fiction books. You will also find top books from renowned writers on this platform.

Another incredible thing about this app is that the key points of books are presented in bullet points for quick and easy retention. Again, you can also change your language option to any language you want. So there is nothing like a language barrier with this book.

10. ReadingIQ

This platform is dedicated to kids 12 years old and below. It has a great number of titles, at least over 7,000. Plus, your kids can also listen to audiobooks, whenever they don’t feel like reading plain text. ReadingIQ does not only feature the popular ABC mouse library. You will also find a broader collection of books from notable publishers and agencies.

These include educational books from National Geographic, which would keep your kids hooked all day. There are also diverse books from renowned publishers on the planet. Sign up for the free trial to see if it’s a platform that suits you. But really, ReadingIQ is a beautiful platform that can help your kids to cultivate great reading habit.

11. Self-Help Book Summaries

Everyone aspires to grow mentally, physically, and otherwise. And for achieving personal goals, nothing compares to self-motivation. However, Self-help books can give you the motivation you seek to stay on course and achieve your goals. But there are just too many of them out there to read.

But the Self-Help Book Summaries stands as one of the best apps to get great motivations. As the name implies, users are provided with summaries of top self-help books from around the globe. So, whether you are seeking motivation from books or you are a motivational speaker, this app is for you.

Wrapping it up

These are nothing but the best Blinkist alternatives for those busy but thirst for more knowledge. You will find summaries of old and new books, to keep your wealth of knowledge fresh. Some of these platforms are free, while the others are paid. So, even if you don’t have the money to splash, you can still find apps with a fair amount of summarized books to read. Now, which of these apps do you think is most suitable for your needs? Or which of these apps are you currently using? We would love to hear from you.

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