11 Best Websites to Search For Jobs in USA and Land Your Dream Job

As a child, everyone thinks of growing up and getting an ideal job that pays well and serve benefits. With the growing competitiveness in the job sector, finding a good job may be quite overwhelming. Going through all the paperwork and travelling, one might seem to give up very easily.

Well, technology to the rescue! Finding a job has been made easier with the introduction of the internet. There are many websites which are totally devoted to bringing up some of the best job opportunities for you from around the world.

We have compiled a list of some of the best websites to land your dream job in USA. Check out the list below.

11 Best Websites to Search For Jobs in USA and Land Your Dream Job

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1. Glassdoor


One of the very appealing and easy to surf through website out there is the Glassdoor. You can easily hunt jobs on this website in a more organised and fun way. The home page of Glassdoor is quite colourful that would automatically draw your attention towards it. Into the search option, you can enter the job type you are looking for. All the available ones will be loaded into a column at the left. The description for the job name clicked shall appear in a right-hand side panel. You can easily hover over the jobs without losing your place.

Website: Glassdoor

2. Indeed


The best thing about one of the best job sites out there is its extremely simplified user interface. Focusing the least on the multimedia design, and the most on bringing out the best career prospects. This site has been widely appreciated by the experts and the users. Even for the employers, the jobs are very easy and free to post. You can easily search the type of job you want with the help of the filters embedded at Indeed. You can even use the advanced search option where you can filter out jobs based on salary, level of experience or the type of job.

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Website: Indeed

3. LinkedIn


One of the very popular websites for job hunting out there is the LinkedIn. In terms of networking, LinkedIn is one the best choices for searching jobs effectively. The really well-defined interface and panels defined makes the job hunting experience a reliable one. Along with a number of job postings, this website has been constructed with various discussion forums, news feeds etc. You can also set up and completely personalize your profile and add all your professional and academic achievements so that the recruiters can reach you in a better way.

Website: LinkedIn

4. JobisJob


JobisJob is one of the best online job search website. With the fact that it works on an international level, job hunting gets levelled to a maximum. One of its features includes a geographical hot spot tool which clearly depicts the world’s best job sites. The elements and job postings and other news are frequently updated on this site. For the people who are looking for a job opportunity abroad, this site is one of the best catch to find a suitable job in all prospects.

Website: JobisJob

5. Dice


Dice is one of the best go-to sites when you are searching for a job in the technical field such as engineering, financial services, health care, security etc. Some of the main corporate leaders such as Dell, HP, Deloitte posts their jobs on this site only. Along with job postings from some of the best corporate birds out there, it also consists of an insight tab which in turn is comprised of lots of blog posts, forums and similar studies which are based on getting hired here.

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Website: Dice

6. Snagajob


Snagajob is mainly focussed on the part-time job opportunities, or the ones which are based on working hours. For people who are looking for a short-term work span or a freelance job, they can find some of the best prospects for the same on Snagajob. One might need some advice and guidance related to the hourly work. For the same, blog posts related to such advices, tips for cracking interviews are also featured on this website. The user can not only find the perfect job, but also gain more knowledge in the respective field.

Website: Snagajob

7. MediaBistro


For the people who are looking for career opportunities in the field of journalism, marketing, advertising and public relations, they can find the best options on MediaBistro. For freelancers too, this site is one of the best choices. For applying to freelance jobs, one might want to look through a number of job posts so that easy comparison can be done to fetch the best one. For the same, this site might prove to be the best fit. For media powerhouses and major news outlets, this is the best choice too. Various career services such as resume building are also provided at MediaBistro.

Website: MediaBistro

8. PowerToFly


For the women who are working in technology, this site is intended to direct them to work-from-home type of jobs. A remote job can be easily found by using this website. After going through a vetting process, you can get eligible for a paid trial and you can check whether it is a good fit for you through this trial period.

Website: PowertoFly

9. Freelancer


One of the most heard-of websites out there that are full of best job opportunities is the freelancer.com. The site proudly claims itself to be the ‘World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace.’ Jobs on freelancer.com are mainly posted regarding the web designers, content writers and PHP developers fields. All you need to do is create up a profile and add your portfolios. Search for the possible job opportunities and bid on them to start applying.

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Website: Freelancer

10. Monster


Monster.com is one of the famous job portals that has almost every kind of job posted on it. A number of remote jobs have been posted here. Jobs regarding technology, engineering, financial, marketing etc. have been posted here. You will need to create a profile, personalize it by adding all your academic details and professional experiences. You can also upload a resume and search for ideal jobs. However, based upon your job requirements, the site itself also suggests the ideal jobs for you through email notifications. That way, you can be sure that you are not missing out on any of the new job postings and news.

Website: Monster

11. Career Builder


One of the best online employment website of the US is the Career Builder. Some of the top brands today post their job openings on this site. Examples could be Univision, Xerox, Forever 21 etc. Not only they have the full-time job postings features, but also the part-time jobs or the contract based jobs. You must simply find a job by entering your search preferences in the search tab. When you stumble across a suitable job post, you can simply apply or simply start trying different prospects.

Website: CareerBuilder

Do you know of any other job site that should be included here. Please let us know in the comments below.

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