150+ Best Selfie Captions and Quotes For Your Pictures on Instagram

After hours of deliberation, you finally had your best shot. The next thing that comes to mind is sharing it with your followers and friends. Celebrities are not the only ones involved in this. Every share pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms.

But the thing is posting pictures without a quote or caption will confuse people. Your photo might be fabulous, but without caption or a captivating write-up, it will not make much impact. So, here we have listed 150+ best selfie captions and quotes for Instagram posts and if you want to have the best caption and quote for your social media posts, you are welcome to use any of these.

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50 Funny Selfie Captions & Quotes for Instagram Posts

  • It is difficult to tell your heart whom to fall in love with, but the funny part is you can choose whom to date.
  • It breaks my heart to know that after enjoying a free hot dog and chili, you are still going to pay for them later.
  • Yes! I just got a new modeling job. Then mum said congrats and asked: What’s the name? Then I answered Instagram. I still feel her five fingers on my cheek, never knew mum could slap so well. LOL!
  • Hey! Can I borrow one kiss from you? I promise to repay you with a double.
  • What’s your worst day at school? Mine was in college. Walked up to a girl and held her hand. Never knew her boyfriend was like Johnny Bravo. Anyway, I went home with a broken nose and a shattered face. My siblings couldn’t even recognize me.
  • Oh my darling weekends, I knew you would never leave me hanging. Please, my love, don’t you ever go.
  • Love what you do, show passion. Never be ashamed to let the world know. But if you are a serial killer, please understand I am not referring to you.
  • Would have had more of this drink. But unfortunately, it’s as cheap and cold as my EX. Can’t stand anymore heartache.
  • Besides making every attempt to look sexy, what else do you do for a living?
  • Thank you, friend, for being there always. Can’t tell which is tighter, our relationship or jeans.
  • I have met insane people in my life. It hurts me to know that some are just as useless as the letter P in the word “Psychology.”
  • I made it people. I just got back with my Ex…Box 360. Can you suggest a good game for me?
  • I didn’t choose the street life. The street life picked me and made me what I am today. Please don’t ask me what I am. I don’t even know.
  • Jealousy is when other people’s Instagram post is responsible for your bad mood.
  • Girls, have you ever posed awkwardly to take a picture, only to discover that your crush has been starring at you surprised? I have. It was as if the ground should open up and swallow me. I felt so ashamed of myself.
  • Real guys don’t take the perfect selfie. Reason being that they are always in a hurry.
  • May your day feel as good as sipping a hot tea in cold weather.
  • I am the king of selfies, but I can’t remember the last time I had a perfect shot.
  • Pretty but useless, strong and foolish, which of these traits do you hate the most?
  • You already know too much about me, I guess I’ll have to make you my friend for life.
  • Yea, I get it, dating is cool, but have you ever had a stuffed crust pizza?
  • Making people doubt my gender is something I do on a daily basis.
  • Love is in the air. Don’t you believe me? Okay, look carefully, and you will understand how polluted the atmosphere has become. It’s the reason for the so much air pollution we experience these days.
  • I had fun once, but it was truly horrible.
  • Hey! Did you swallow magnets? Then why am I so attracted to you?
  • When I went to Rome, I behaved like a Roman. Now I am out of Rome, what do you expect me to do?
  • I am lost in a cute, loving world that does not exist.
  • Onions are my best friend. But they make me cry all the time. I don’t know why!
  • Guess what vitamin you are lacking, me! The best vitamin ever produced!
  • The only thing perfect about most people I see on Instagram is their hair.
  • One selfie per day keeps the mental breakdown away.
  • Recall all of your actions and name them one by one. And it will surprise you how insane you have become.
  • Girls, try to be picky with your men, as I was with this selfie.
  • Show me your crush, and I will tell you why I think you need a psychiatrist.
  • Spreading grins like they are herpes.
  • I hate saying I have exes. I don’t have. I only have Y’s, like: “why did I ever date someone like you?”
  • Do you know what my dad thought me? Nothing!
  • I am going into hibernation mode. Would need a bottle of champagne to become active once more.
  • WARNING: Stupid questions make me sick. So, please don’t ask. I am recovering from the one I just suffered.
  • Warning: Don’t tickle me else I will get into survival mode.
  • They say life is all about survival of the fittest. I am not fit, so what then happens to me?
  • I have lived with many insane people in my entire life, but I have never had an encounter with someone like you.
  • Hey! Text me back, or I’ll find you.
  • I just changed all my passwords to INCORRECT.
  • Recent findings indicate that men who talk about overweight women live shorter lives than the women they mention.
  • When you did your possible best, but nothing seems to be working right, that’s a sign you need to go left.
  • At least, a balloon is attracted to me! That’s something.
  • I love my job, especially when I am on vacation.
  • Out of my mind. I’ll be back in two minutes.
  • I wish I could get a six months holiday, twice every year.
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50 Best Motivational Selfie Captions & Quotes for Instagram Posts

  • Achieving things creates positive feelings, especially when others classify that thing in question as mission impossible.
  • You can get it if you want to. Try until you finally succeed.
  • The number of times you try to achieve something don’t matter, what matters is your accomplishment. If it takes for you to make a thousand attempt to get it right, then go for it.
  • Successful people see failure as an invitation to learn more. They never wallow in the pain of defeat.
  • It’s never too late to change that habit unless the outcome of your targeted goals doesn’t give you a sleepless night. If it does, you won’t think twice before switching.
  • A sure formula for failure is trying to please everyone around you.
  • We are all responsible for the beautify we create on the inside.
  • In life, you can never be bigger than your thoughts. When you think positive, you are more likely going to have positive results.
  • Surrounding yourself with negative people is like taking off the oxygen mask from a dying patient.
  • Show me your friends, and I’ll predict how successful you’ll become in life. So scrutinize people appropriately before calling anyone your friend.
  • I accept and love me for me. I am sorry if you have a contrary view of me.
  • Life is what you make of it.
  • You cannot run faster than your shadows. So take one step at a time and stay focused.
  • Failure do not mean that you are weak. It proves that you are still in the learning phase but dared to try out something.
  • Remember, be yourself always; everyone else is already taken.
  • You are unique, beautiful, intelligent, and complete. Always remember that.
  • No one is better than you. Everyone is unique. See it that way.
  • In life, we don’t choose our parents, but we can decide what we become. So, what are your decisions?
  • Ensure your mind tuned to the best frequency it can be so you can start thinking positive.
  • No one is more brainy or beautiful than you are. We are all unique.
  • Life is not a competition. There are no winners or losers. So, never compete or compare yourself to anyone.
  • Complaining never solves a problem. It worsens it.
  • Every problem in one’s life has a solution somewhere, waiting. You just haven’t found it.
  • It is good to set goals and New Year’s resolution, but ensure you have the will to accomplish them.
  • A happy soul is the best guard one can have for a wicked world.
  • Stop complaining; it shrinks the brain.
  • You don’t have to like me. What matters is for me to love me.
  • “Reality has a way of ruining one’s life.
  • Live life as if every day is going to be your last on earth.
  • No one would love you more than the way you love yourself. No one can motivate you more than the way you motivate yourself. You can force a horse to the stream, but you can’t force it to drink water.
  • No matter what you are going through in life, you can bend but don’t break.
  • Always try to shoot for the moon. Even if you eventually miss, you will find yourself among the stars.
  • The worst part about being successful is finding someone who is happy with you.
  • You are not in this life to compete with anyone. Get that into your head!
  • Your ability is different from mine. That’s why we might not have the same achievements in life.
  • Don’t expect everyone to understand you; they won’t, and can’t. The sooner you realize this, the less hurt you might be.
  • One day, you will remember the years of struggle. Then, you will realize that they are the most beautiful days of one’s life on earth.
  • Don’t lose hope; you can still make it. With time, everything will fall into the right place.
  • I wasn’t lucky, you know. I deserved what I got.
  • Be prepared at all times; you never know when an opportunity would come knocking on your door.
  • Is there any reason to have hope when things are going wrong? Yes! As long as you are alive, continue to have faith. One day, if you don’t quit, things will change for the better.
  • I am the most intelligent, happiest, most energetic, most productive, and beautiful person on this earth. And I don’t expect people to know. It’s what I know.
  • Depression is not enough to make me consider ending my life, something I have fought so hard to build to this level. I came into this world for a purpose which I must fulfill.
  • Anytime I look into the mirror, I see a strong woman. I see someone doesn’t give up on life easily. That’s why they call me the “iron lady.”
  • Cry your eyes out if you can. But remember one thing, crying doesn’t solve problems. But if you can take action, identify the problem and find a solution, then you will know that crying is a waste of time.
  • If I have another chance to choose who I want to be when returning to earth next time, I will still pick me!
  • Be yourself, say whatever you feel because people who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.
  • Friendship. Tastes. Laughs. Scents. There are things worth living for, no matter how messed up your life is at the moment.
  • Success is infinite, and failure is not fatal.
  • I like it when people say something is impossible. It gives me the energy I need to try harder and prove myself as the impossibility specialist.
  • Believe it or not, you will eventual become a reflection of the people you keep as friends.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you activate them.
  • Don’t try to fit in. Aspire to stand out.
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50 Best Love & Relationship Captions and Quotes for Instagram Posts.

  • Your relationship failed not because you are not lovable. It’s the other way round.
  • Don’t be afraid to love again. True love is as pure as a diamond.
  • Love makes you shine like a diamond when you meet the right person.
  • Don’t lose hope in love. You will be happy again.
  • True love doesn’t hurt, because you won’t be able to recognize pain any more.
  • Sometimes, you have to be your hero because the people you claim you can’t live without can live without you.
  • Even if the sun refuses to shine, my love for you will. Even if the mountains crumble to the sea, you and I will remain together forever.
  • We have come a long way of loving each other; there is no backing down now.
  • The best way to heal in this wicked world is to give love.
  • Guide your heart diligently. Don’t let negative people gain access to it. Also, don’t permit unlovable people to find their way into your heart.
  • A good friend will do everything possible to make you laugh, especially when you don’t feel like laughing.
  • If I am permitted to choose a life partner when returning to this life again, I would still make you my first choice. I love you!
  • Try to keep whatever happens in your relationship private. You never know if the intention of whomever you are telling your secret. It could be to break or amend your relationship. Be careful.
  • Me, I and myself. The three of us are enough, thanks.
  • Being sexy reflects my independence and confidence.
  • You don’t like what I am wearing because I didn’t put on this dress to impress you. I wore it to impress myself.
  • Keep smiling, and let no one take that away from you.
  • You annoy me more than I can ever imagine, but I am eager to spend every irritating minute with no one else but you!
  • The best thing to have and hold on to in life is love.
  • Honesty is an expensive thing; you can’t expect it from cheap people.
  • In the package called “True Love,” you will find happiness, respect, responsibility, and understanding. Even if there is a little sadness, it won’t be too visible. Love will overshadow it.
  • Have you noticed that true love stories always do not have endings? That’s why our love would last forever.
  • I felt blessed and favored waking up every morning with you by my side.
  • In love, you will always find two things: words and bodies.
  • With love and patience, impossibility is nothing.
  • My love, I have a million things I want to say to you, but in summary, all I want in this life is you!
  • Knowing that I understand too much about life shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I learned everything because I love.
  • I was sent on a mission to earth to love you! And I can’t fail this in this mission.
  • Loving you is the best decision I have ever taken in life.
  • Now I know why it was never difficult to fall in love with you; you are simply lovable and amazing.
  • I want you, every day, and forever.
  • It’s true that when you meet the love of your life, others won’t matter to you.
  • The reason I come home quick after work is simple; I want to spend as many seconds as I can with you my love.
  • With you by my side, I feel stronger, my confidence soars, and I like it.
  • I will travel around the world someday, but not without you by my side.
  • Don’t be afraid to love again because of heartbreaks. Love is a beautiful thing.
  • It will be a privilege to be loved by you. And I don’t care if you ever break my heart.
  • I feel something special when I am around you. You are truly special, and I’m the lucky one!
  • When two are in love, you can have differences, but no one is wrong.
  • Love as much as you live, and laugh as much as you breathe.
  • Keep smiling no matter the challenges that come your way. A day would come that life would be tired of upsetting you.
  • Always smile, it confuses people.
  • Be patient, sometimes, good things don’t come quick. You will find true love, someone that will treat you right.
  • Sometimes, the nicest way to revenge is to smile and walk away.
  • Never cry because it’s all over, smile because it happened.
  • WARNING: You might fall in love when you see my face.
  • I finally admit that life would be boring without you.
  • You hold a special place in my heart. I don’t know what part exactly, but I can feel it.
  • Don’t be afraid to open up your heart to love once again. To enjoy the rainbow, you need to enjoy the rain.
  • I know I fell in love with the right person, because my reality is better than my dream.
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Wrapping it all up

These are some of the best selfie captions and quotes you can use for your Instagram posts. You can also tweak them to suit your post more. Choosing the best captions and quotes will make your Instagram posts to stand out. Your friends and followers will always look forward to when you will make your next post available on Instagram. So, choose from this incredible list to make your Instagram post always unique.

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