35 Spectacular Rainmeter Skins For Windows [2022]

The Rainmeter skin is an incredible desktop customization tool that gives you access to numerous skins and numerous selection of applets. It helps make PCs more attractive and create a form of productive environment that can positively impact the user.

Rainmeter will give you the freedom to style your desktop to suit your taste. And having your favorite color, applets and theme displaying on your desktop can cause a creative spark that will help you deliver on the job. So whether you are working in the creative industry or not, you need a Rainmeter, everyone does!

To save time and help you take the right decision without hesitation, we decided to handpick 35 best Rainmeter skins that are out of this world.

35 Spectacular Rainmeter Skins

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1. Natural


The Natural Rainmeter Skin will help you remember and appreciate nature. In a time where global warming had become a significant issue, and reputable organisations encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials, using Natural Rainmeter might continuously remind you of the need to remain conscious of the environment. Plus its a lovely and irresistible theme.

2. Wolf Tiles 1.2

Wolf Tiles

Wolves are animals known for strength and courage. Their barking alone can frighten anyone even from a distance. And as the name implies, the Wolf Tiles is dedicated to Wolf and having wallpaper designed with the animal in it might remind you of courage. Also, the boxes on the screen of this Rainmeter skin look like tiles and make the toolkit more attractive. On this Rainmeter skins, you will find statistics displaying on the desktop such as Drive, RAM, CPU and others.

3. Radiation VR1.1


As the name implies, Radiation Rainmeter skin emulates the nuclear molecular settings, which centres on the concept of atomic radiation. The toolkit also comes loaded with wallpapers that display radiation warning so you can take heed. It also supports widgets that display information about the network and system in particular. Radiation is one of the best Rainmeter skin toolkits that is highly customizable. You can make significant changes to font size, colour and more!

4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

If you have had the opportunity to watch the movie Game of Thrones, you will not hesitate to grab this Rainmeter skin for your PC. It’s a skin anyone that comes in contact with your laptop would love. In short, the style, layout and colour option are unique. It is also customizable, and you can make changes to the dock icons as you please.

5. Himawari-8


The name of this awesome Rainmeter skin might not ring a bell, But it remains one of the best themes for folks that are dwelling in places like Indonesia, Japan, Hawaii, Philippines and even Australia. It will keep you updated with information about the weather. Beautiful images from the NOAA NESDIS and other reputable bodies will also be made available to you in Real-Time.

6. Enigma


If you are using a Windows 10 PC then, install Enigma right away. This Rainmeter skin will turn your PC into something else. The appearance alone is breathless. However, one of the things that set this skin apart is the intuitive interface. There are also loads of customization options that are possible regarding the appearance of the skin.

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7. Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

Honeymoons are periods of love and friendship. And this Rainmeter skin is not far from that. If you can vividly remember how lovely the swipe to have access to options and utilities were on the Windows 8 animation, the Silmeria Dock Honeymoon allows that and more. It will enable you to bookmark relevant pages for quick access. Overall, the Dock Honeymoon is one of the simplest Rainmeters out there but highly effective.

8. Tech-A


Tech-A is not just the most stylish Rainmeter skin out there. It also comes with an intuitive interface you cannot resist. What’s more? You will find the beautiful Windows logo displaying in the theme’s background in a captivating way. Tech-A also presents diverse information on the Desktop such as time, date, CPU usage and other relevant shortcuts.

9. Aliens


Preparing for alien invasion as seen in the movies? Make your preparation complete with the Alien Rainmeter skin. But that’s up to you to decide if you like how cluttered this theme is. On the other hand, it does display relevant information such as total size of the installation; RAM used, Date, time, including speed of downloads and uploads.

10. Epure


Epure stands out as one of the most beautiful Rainmeter skins out there. It has a simple interface designed to make the monitoring of PCs a piece of cake. But that’s just one part to admire about this skin. The graphical quality and animation are out of this world.

The skin is also highly customizable. You can make slight changes to colour, font and widgets however you want. Epure also supports seven different languages besides the English language. These include Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German and Serbian.

11. Neon Space

Neon Space

The Neon Space is a well-organized Rainmeter skin that is so different from many others. It features tempting hologram effect of a solar system and planet. The skin displays weather reading, CPU usage, calendar and more.

12. Windows 9 Single Mark 4

Windows 9 Single Mark 4

This theme is not the most uncomplicated Rainmeter skin out there regarding design, but it looks elegant in appearance. But that takes nothing away from this awesome skin, as it is based entirely on the Windows concept. Installing this skin on your PC will inevitably transform the looks of your desktop.

13. Darkness fall

Darkness fall

This Rainmeter theme is unique in the hearts of many PC owners, especially folks still running the Windows 7. It’s made for Windows 7 and features a highly captivating landscape. Having this theme installed on your desktop will completely change its appearance, too.

14. Taboo


If you want your desktop to have the famous black and white background, then Taboo is the best Rainmeter skin to have on your PC. It also comes with an additional skin package that is awesome. However, Taboo doesn’t display weather reports like other themes. But you will find other relevant information showing on your desktop.

15. X2ui 1.2

X2ui 1.2

If you enjoy news about Alien and want your PC to look like one from over there, then X2ui is the ideal skin to install. This theme will make your computer to look like some complex analysis machine sent from outer space. Information such as graphs, numbers and animations that eyes cannot resist, is seen running through the screen.

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16. My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter desktop is a superior skin and one of the finest out there. Having such themes will decorate and enhance the appearance of your device. If you enjoy space combat then, you will love the specialised space war display of this theme. The skin also displays circle HDD, circle clock, circle network and more.

17. Simple DOCK

Simple DOCK

If you are looking for a simplistic Rainmeter skin that is also well organised, get the Simple DOCK. Even though the design seems simple, the concept is still very much amazing. You can also change icons and DOCK whenever you please.

18. Meteor Glimps

Meteor Glimps

Another top quality Rainmeter skin, Meteor Glimps features an amazing wallpaper containing images of meteor rocks. It boldly displays features like digital circles, Winamp circles; rocket docks sublimes icons and a flying saucer. It’s also a theme that anyone can have on their PC.

19. Speed


This Rainmeter skin looks fantastic, whether you increase or decrease the brightness of your pc. Plus it also displays different information and features such as speed, clock, messages, Wi-Fi statistics and more. And as the name implies, having such a pleasant theme will remind you of the need for speed in your projects. It’s such a fantastic Rainmeter.

20. Big Digital Clock

Big Digital Clock

As the name implies, this massive digital clock will keep you in the know regarding time. It makes use of the ISO 8601 and thus has the standard minute and second. The skin also displays date and the particular day of the week.

21. Futuristic Cityscape

Futuristic Cityscape

The appearance of this Rainmeter inviting, and it will look just like the real world in your computer screen. The skin also includes features like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Explorer so that you can navigate to your favorite social media channel effortlessly. On the screen, you will also find the Log-off, Shut down, and restart buttons, too.

22. Start Menu for Rainmeter

Start Menu for Rainmeter

This toolkit is suitable for Windows 8 PCs and designed especially for start menu. But it also runs correctly on other Rainmeter as well. The display and features are well-organised and straightforward. You will find things like Excel, settings, Explore, music and more, displaying on the screen.

23. Mangotsfield


Revamp your computer screen with this beautiful skin. The design of this Rainmeter also simple but it has various features that will make your head spin. For instance, shortcuts displays on the tray as seen on Windows 10 PCs. It also displays vital information such as weather updates, RSS feeds, and mail. But you can customize everything on this skin to suit your taste.

24. iSteve


If you are looking for a Rainmeter skin minimal in design, then get the iSteve. It’s one of the most straightforward themes on this list, featuring applets that can provide you with tons of information ranging from note collections, photo gallery, disk usage and Google search bar, so you can quickly surf the web.



The applets you will discover on display on ADIAN BOLON AERO is one of the reasons the skin is fantastic. You will find applets like date, weather, time and other simple applets. Another thing that sets this skin apart is the presentation and organization of the various features.

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26. PILEUS Suite


This Rainmeter is known for its incredible black and white background. And it’s one of the interesting medieval themes out there. The presentation is quite neat and attractive, compared to some skins out there. The clock applets are quite fitting, and the Rainmeter has several buttons which give the surface a whole new dimension.

27. Stract-Ab


The Stract skin is a well-built toolkit that comes with several inspiring widgets. You will find icons such as CPU, MEM, HDC, time, date and other useful information displaying on this professional-looking skin.

28. Gundam


This Rainmeter skin is unique. Plus it will offer you 15 seconds to abort shutdown whenever you mistakenly hit the shutdown button. It also comes several widgets you will find useful. But have in mind that it looks a bit clustered.

29. Avenger SHIELD OS


This Rainmeter skin is so unique that you can make use of several wallpapers on it. And one thing you will also like about the Avenger SHIELD OS is the fact that you can easily modify personal icon image as well as LLET/SLT names.

30. Raleway Skin

Raleway Skin

This skin is so captivating yet simple in design. You will discover that all variables are kept in a separate folder better described as the variable folder. Again, features like font and color can be altered effortlessly. The Raleway Skin also shows incredible album art.

31. Razor


Give your background that sleek razor effect with this well-built Rainmeter skin. The Razor skin is one of the best Rainmeter out there. The skin also supports features such as weather, drive shortcuts, power status and more.

32. Orange Glow

Orange Glow

The Orange Glow will transform your desktop background to something else. And if you fancy the idea of having an orange background displaying on your desktop, then this is best Rainmeter skin to choose. It also shows numerous icon packages, clock, date, windows displays, weather and more.

33. Horde


If you want to prove your seriousness, then Horde is one of the best Rainmeter gadgets to have. It is a professional-looking skin with awesome widgets consisting of power status, clock, and weather.

34. Morph


Morph is in a class of its own, and one of the most beautiful Rainmeter skins out there. Having this skin on PC will transform your desktop background to something more inviting too.

35. Hardware


If you are looking for a Rainmeter with a futuristic look, then try the Hardware Rainmeter. You will also like the neatness and beauty of this skin when installed on your PC. But have in mind that the theme is quite heavy and requires a little bit of customizing, too.


If you are eager to find the best Rainmeter skin for your PC, then you have come to the right place. These are the best skins that will make your computer more inviting and give it that luxurious look. Each of them is also unique in their way. You can even have them customized to suit your taste.

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