15 Best Pingdom Alternatives To Monitor Your Websites in 2022

If the best Pingdom alternatives are what you are looking for, then you have made the right decision by coming here. Uptime is critical to every online business or website. When a site is down, visitors would not be able to gain access and may leave angrily. That’s why Uptime can cause more damage to your reputation than loading speed. If your website loads poorly, most visitors can even wait patiently, but its a different ball game when the site is down.

However, Pingdom is one of the best website monitoring tools for webmasters and online business owners. It monitors server error, loading speed, Uptime, among others. But then, there are many Pingdom alternatives out there. So, it’s not the only tool that handles such tasks. And moreover, it’s quite expensive too.

Some of these tools even work automatically to help reduce the workload for users and ensure you don’t always have to check for errors manually. They can send notifications regarding website performance so you would be at peace and also take action when things go wrong. So here you have 15 best Pingdom alternatives for monitoring websites .

15 Best Pingdom Alternatives To Monitor Your Websites

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1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot offers a freemium service, meaning you can monitor your website for free. But it can only check sites at 5 minutes interval. A freemium account on Uptime Robot also offers 60 days log history and let you monitor 50 different websites too.

However, the premium account checks every one minute as against the 5 minutes that the freemium one checks. The paid accounts can also send out 10 SMS and email notifications daily. Overall, the one thing that impresses about this Pingdom alternative is its user-friendly interface and easy configuration. Plus the free account doesn’t require you to provide credit card details to have access.

2. NodePing


This Pingdom alternative is budget-friendly and performs exceptionally well for monitoring website performance. It has a 15 day trial period, and the premium package gives you the opportunity to add unlimited users. You will also enjoy unlimited notifications from this website monitoring tool too. Alerts are also sent to users via different channels such as Twitter, email, Pushover, and via SMS too.

You can also signup and start using the trial version without providing credit card details. Plus the tool can check your website every one minute so that you will be the first to know when something goes wrong.

3. Uptime


There are tons of reasons Uptime is ranked as one of the best Pingdom alternatives among the other tools. It offers tons of benefits that can help you scale up your online business. The platform can also help you to analyze the Web server, DNS, mail servers and even malware of your precious website immediately.

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Uptime boasts of being the monitoring tool servicing some prominent businesses, among who are IBM, CISCO, AMD and some others. Another impressive thing about this web monitoring platform is the fact that users can receive notification regarding their websites via various channels such as Twitter, SMS, email, Push and so on.

4. Happy Apps

Happy Apps

This multifunctional platform does what its designed to do. It can check almost everything from website, App, databases, PING, among others. In short, it can conduct any check you can think of to help detect errors that will destroy your business and react on time.

There are many impressive features of this tool, but one that draws attention the most is the ability to pause checks. In other words, if you are doing maintenance on your website and don’t want to receive updates, then you can prevent the tool from monitoring the site for that period.

You can sign up for a free on HappyApps right away to start enjoying these incredible features. Excitingly, you can even submit three different websites via your free account for monitoring.

5. ServiceUptime


Another incredible Pingdom alternative that has attracted so much praise is ServiceUptime. It has both free and paid plans too. And even on the freemium plan, you can have access to all the necessary tools you need to monitor your website and still get accurate results. The only thing is that notification is within 30 to 60 minutes interval.

The paid plan allows you to gain access to website report every 1 – 3 minutes, which means you will be able to figure out if something wrong happens to your site before visitors do. Plus this tool helps to monitor hosting servers, POP3, link check, IMAP, web pages, download servers, and even DNS services and more. The dashboard is also user-friendly, meaning even a non-techie won’t have any problem understanding it.

6. StatusCake


This monitoring tool has all it takes to rival many Pingdom alternatives on this list and claim the top spot. It is quite simple to set up, have an easy to use interface and a host of other useful features.

The point is StatusCake has built a name for itself in the industry. The platform has a large customer base which includes tech giants and top companies like Go Daddy, NetFlix, Zurich, and Microsoft. It is also a freemium tool and offers free users the opportunity to receive reports at 5 minutes interval. They also provide a customer support service that is second to none.

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7. GTmetrix


If you are looking for a Pingdom alternative to analyze your website’s speed and also take it a step further to boost speed, then GTmetrix is an ideal option. Another impressive feature of this website is that it is free to use. And it won’t only notify you when your site isn’t loading fast: it will give you ideas on how you can make it faster.

To use GTmetrix, enter the URL of your website and click on the “Analyze” icon to get started immediately. Once it is done testing your site, you will get reports regarding your website performance such as loading time, page total size and others.

8. UptimeDoctor


If you are looking for one of the best Pingdom alternatives to monitor server and website at the same time, UptimeDoctor has what it takes to meet your expectation. You can sign up for a free account to get started immediately.

UptimeDoctor offers different plans, which are quite flexible. You will have access to different monitoring frequencies such as 1,2,3,5,10,15,30 and even 60 minutes. Another impressive thing is that even with the basic plan you are free to add unlimited contacts, which allows you to receive notification via different channels. The free plan allows you to add five servers or websites and unlimited email alerts too.

9. Site24x7


This tool can track more than 60 locations around the globe, which is something worthy of note because it’s also reasonably priced. It performs multiple functions besides Uptime monitoring, which is one of the reasons you shouldn’t think twice before splashing the cash.

Site24x7 does its checks from three different locations to be sure that reports sent out are always accurate. And whenever there is an error or downtime, you will receive notification immediately on your dashboard. Notifications are via email, SMS and a host of other channels that would be convenient for you.

10. Updown


If you want a platform that operates differently from the other Pingdom alternatives, try Updown. Impressively, the platform allows users to purchase credits and not plan as most platforms allow.

On your first sign up, Updown gives you access to free 100,000 credits. And you can also purchase more credits via various means such as Paypal, Bitcoin, and credit card. Before your credit elapses, the platform will also send you notification regarding when your credit will be exhausted considering the number of checks you are conducting and frequency.

11. ServersUp


If you want to monitor the real-time performance of your online business or website fast, ServersUp is one incredible Pingdom alternative that can give you exactly what you want. You will receive notification every single minute too!

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The website monitoring tool supports all the known protocols. It also sends out notification via various channels to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

12. AppBeat


AppBeat is a fantastic platform with incredible features that let you check the performance of your website with ease. The app has a user-friendly interface too. The reports it sends out are also something everyone including a non-techie can understand.

The customizable report this website tracking tool sends out makes the monitoring job a breeze. It sends alerts via various channels so your team can take action before things get out of hand. Channels include Pushover, Slack, HipChat, StatusPage, and OpsGenie.

13. Down Notifier

Down Notifier

This website monitoring platform is top quality. But then, something that will surprise you is that the freemium services it offers are amazing. The platform will keep you on alert whenever your website goes down and notifications sent are also free.

Down notifier monitors the website per minute and sends an instant notification when any anomaly surfaces. The platform also has other plans besides the freemium such as premium and enterprise monitoring.

14. Uptrends


If you want to have complete control of your website performance including Uptime, and servers, Uptrends has got your back. You will also find incredible free tools that will give you insight regarding the health of your website from this platform.

These include a free DNS tool that checks to see if DNS is online, website speed test and uptime checks. Uptrends is an incredible platform that gives accurate results too. Their plans are also reasonably priced.

15. SiteUptime


This website monitoring platform offers both paid and free plans. But then, the freemium is kind of limited in some way. You can only enjoy 30 minutes interval of checks, and receive your notification via email alert.

However, the premium plan offers 2 minutes checks and would grant you the option to add monitor channels to receive notification. This Pingdom alternative also helps to inspect protocols like HTTP, FTP, SSL, DNS, and custom TCP ports.


These are the best Pingdom alternatives that will give you everything you need as far as website monitoring is concerned. Most of the platform you will find on this page offer free and paid plans, while some are entirely free. You can choose any of them you feel meets your need. Just go through each of the descriptions provided on this page to have a clue regarding what to expect from each platform.

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