12 Best LaTeX Editors of 2022

If you have had to write journals or papers with complex mathematical equations at any point in time, then the chances are that you are familiar with the subject of LaTeX. LaTeX has turned out to be the most recognized document markup language. From fields like science, mathematics, and statistics, to non-scientific fields like philosophy, LaTeX has proven to be very useful.

With LaTeX editors, writers now have more control over their contents. If you write papers for publication, the chances are that sooner or later you would need a LaTeX editor for your work. To prepare you for the task ahead, here is a rundown of 12 best LaTeX editors.

12 Best LaTeX Editors of 2022

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1. Texmaker

Texmaker is free; it is modern; it is equally cross-platform, making it work flawlessly on Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Texmaker, you have more than enough tools that can help you develop your documents with LaTeX; you have all the tools you need in one application. It allows you to create LaTeX-based documents such as bibliography, technical articles, and journals.

Some of the exciting options available to Texmaker users are numerous mathematical symbols, features for changing font attributes, features for creating LaTeX tables, as well as other advanced features. If you are a beginner with LaTeX editors, then you can count on Texmaker. It doesn’t need that much getting used to before you can get the better of it.

2. TexStudio

If there is one LaTeX editor that is well-loved in the academic world, then you have to mention TexStudio. Being open-source and cross-platform is certainly making this LaTeX editor a popular demand. TexStudio was built with the idea of Texmaker but provides other advanced options. It is like an extended version of Texmaker.

What this means is that users of Texmaker can easily adapt to TexStudio in the shortest possible time. Syntax highlighting, over one thousand mathematical formulas, multi-cursors and much more are some of the fantastic features that come with this LaTeX editor. Scientific documents are incomplete without citations, and TexStudio gives you adequate support in this regard.

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3. LyX

LyX is one document processor that has tried its best regarding making LaTeX as a document markup language straightforward to use. It is an excellent pick for anyone because it combines two things: flexibility and an easy to use graphical interface. With its fully stocked equation editor, you can expect to come up with laudable mathematical contents with virtually no limitations.

Crafting structured documents like a thesis, academic articles, and books is also very easy to achieve on LyX. As for scientific authoring, this comes standard with the LyX editor. You do not need to limit yourself with science-based or mathematical-based papers alone as you can also use it to draft out film script, novels or even letters. A couple of beautiful designs are already inbuilt for your use.

4. TexWorks

The idea behind the TexWorks project is to have a simple working environment where users can carry out their TEX related tasks. It is designed to work on popular desktop Operating systems like X-11 based systems, Windows (XP/Vista/7) and a host of others. TexWorks provides its users with some additional privileges like having an integrated PDF viewer.

So you have little or nothing to worry about when checking out the output of your content. Another beautiful thing about this integrated viewer is that it supports source/preview synchronization. This LaTeX editor saves you some more time since you may not have to switch between screens as you are working.

5. TeXnic

TeXnic is an open source LaTeX editor, entirely free for use. This LaTeX editor has a friendly user interface, and it runs very smooth on systems. These features have made it a preferable choice for most newbies in this field. It comes with some adorable features that allow you to insert tables, complex mathematical symbols as well as pictures.

If you think you have used a more straightforward LaTeX editor, then wait until you lay your hands on this one. To make your work and compiling extremely easy, TeXnic has been equipped with autocomplete feature for secure coding. Trust me; you can hardly ask for more!

6. ShareLaTeX

The developers of ShareLaTeX decided to bring something extra to LaTeX scripting, and that is to take your LaTeX editing online. It grants you the privilege of editing documents directly from your web browser. You probably never saw that coming! One reason you might consider using this editor is that of the many templates that come with it.

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You have access to as many as 400 models for your use. Find the best of CV, technical paper, scientific magazine articles templates. Pick a template, explore the layout and forget about formatting! That is what you get with ShareLaTeX.

7. WinShell

If you love to touch on TEX as well as LaTeX, then you will need WinShell to help you out; its integrated environment gives you all that you want in this regard. It is free to use, and it is fully cross-platform. It is also designed to run lightly on your computer. Your only job is to input your document into the integrated editing area.

With WinShell, you can expect to write your codes with little or no errors because it has some nice features like spell check, syntax highlighting and plenty of mathematical tools. After you are done coding, just compile your doc and preview it in PDF format. This editor lacks an integrated PDF viewer though.

8. Overleaf

This is another great LaTeX editor as you would expect, and just like ShareLaTeX it allows you to do some editing online. Trusted by as much as 200,000 academia over the world, this slick LaTeX editor stocks most of the features you would need to accomplish your LaTeX editing with great ease. There are plenty of templates to choose from; 100s of them precisely.

From CV to lab report templates, you can have just about anything you are looking for. If you do not have enough time to start writing your contents from scratch, then try out one of these in-built layouts. I’m sure you would find them useful. Ready for some real-time collaboration on your LaTeX documents? Get overleaf and see how far it goes!

9. TexPen

Are you ready for some broad-based features LaTeX editor? Correctly, you can save yourself all the hassles of LaTeX editing by hanging on to TexPen. Equipped with stunning features like autocomplete, real-time PDF preview and syntax highlighting, you can be sure of having some smooth working experience. TexPen also has various themes and backgrounds that will allow you to work and not trouble your eyes in the process. To cap everything up, it comes completely free.

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10. Authorea

A few LaTeX editors have done well to push LaTeX editing to its boundaries, and Authorea is glad to be on this list. Editing your contents online can be great, and that is what you get with this LaTeX editor. This LaTeX editor is better equipped concerning the kind of features you can find.

Features like document control, chat modules, creating reference page automatically, easy inserting of images, plenty or in-built layouts, tables, links and many more. It is also a good bet because it supports various file formats which include Markdown, HTML, LaTeX, etc. other fantastic reasons why you may prefer this particular LaTeX editor are quick edits, ability to share index page on social media, etc.

11. Led

Led is a small program that allows you to do some TEX and LaTeX editing with ease. It is free if you want to get it. You should be, however, aware that if you want this project to continue, you may need to throw in a few donations yourself. LED comes stacked with a powerful editor, a project manager, spellcheck features, code completion mechanisms, descriptive hints for LaTeX commands, in-built DVI Viewer, multilingual environment, and word wrapping, and plenty more functions. Despite its small size, it can give you what you want.

12. TexItEasy

Just as you may have already figured, the TexItEasy editor makes your LaTeX editing very easy, courtesy of its user-friendly interface. It is cross-platform based, and it is also open source. With macros pre-installed in it, you have never had LaTeX editing easier before now.

This is a fantastic set of LaTeX editors for your LaTeX editing pleasure any time any day. Simply get one and make the best of it.

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