11 Best Drones For Kids With Stunning Camera in 2022

Kids are a big fan of drones. They have seen a couple of them in action in the movies and will also be happy to own one. There are different categories and price point of drones, but guess what, you don’t need to break the bank to acquire a drone for your kid.

If you are serious about purchasing a drone for your little one, you will need to devote more time and have the patience to research and know more about drones. Of course, you wouldn’t want to regret splashing the cash on a poor drone when there are other better options available at the same price point.

The best drones for kids, comes built with maximum security in mind. These drones are also simple to pilot, maneuver, control and can take a beating. Most of them also have HD cameras that make it possible for users to capture images and record videos of incredible length. If you are ready to fulfill your kid’s wish of buying him or her brand new drone, then this post will make things easier for you. Check out the 11 best drone for kids of different age group.

  • Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC
  • Holy Stone F181 RC
  • Drocon Scouter Drone
  • Eachine E010 Mini UFO Drone
  • Parrot Mambo Drone
  • PowerVision PowerEgg Drone
  • JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter Drone
  • Tenergy TDR Phoenix
  • Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter
  • Force1 UFO 3000 LED Quadcopter

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC

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The HS170 is a powerful quadcopter, suitable for young pilots, aged 14 years or more. The drone puts up a good performance and can fly for at least 8 minutes once fully charged. Unlike a couple of budget drones, the HS170 has excellent wind resistant control.  It can also cover a range of about 30 to 50 meters.

This drone is durable but also needs proper care to last long. Also, have in mind that the circuit board and motor can heat up when you fly the drone for an extended period. So you need to encourage your kids to take at least 10 to 15 minutes break in between flights to give the heated parts enough time to cool down and prevent damage.

Your kids will also need to be patient to learn how to use this drone because it takes a little bit longer to learn and master.  And because the weight of this drone is less than 0.55 pounds, your little ones can start piloting this drone right out of the box as there will not be a need for the FAA registration.

2. Holy Stone F181 RC

Holy Stone is a new company founded in the year 2014. But the company has made a name for itself in the techie world. Since they started operation, Holy Stone have been able to meet the needs of customers, offering a series high quality and budget-friendly drones. The F181 RC is the kind of quadcopter your kids will fall in love with at first sight. The drone has a highly captivating design and finish. It also has features like the altitude hold function that will allow your kids to capture images with ease.

The F181 RC’s range is 500 feet, and it comes with incredible features like the headless security function, so your kids won’t lose sight of the drone. This quadcopter also has an in-built HD camera (2 megapixels 720P) to let your kids capture fantastic photos and record quality videos to keep memories.

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Also, like the first Holy Stone drone on this list, the F181 RC does not also require the FAA registration before use. And regarding battery life, the F181 RC last longer a bit, and even comes with extra batteries so your kids can spend quality time having fun without worrying about charging the battery. The drone is also suitable for children aged 14 years and above.

3. Drocon Scouter Drone

The Drocon Scouter is the kind of drone that any beginner will be proud to fly. The stability is incredible and has many flight resistance features that are more common in higher-priced drones on the market. For instance, the drone has the one key backward function and the altitude hold which makes flying a quadcopter more exciting.

The Drocon Scouter has the perfect size for an entry-level drone. The portability will also make it easier for your kids to transport it wherever they want. On the other hand, have in mind that this drone might not offer the longest flight time. But with extra batteries at your kids’ disposal, flying this drone will surely be worth it.

Another remarkable feature of this quadcopter is regarding the battery. The battery charges faster, you can charge it inside the drone if you like. There is also an option to charge them with a portable USB cable. Other incredible features of this well-built drone are the one-key backward, headless mode and a host of others.

4. Eachine E010 Mini UFO Drone

This mini-drone is not only budget-friendly. It is also able to perform specific functions like a couple of flips and spins that some quadcopters cannot even attempt. The drone also comes with a 150mAh 3.7V battery that charges for 30 to 50 minutes, and last a bit longer on the drone.

This mini UFO quadcopter weighs 1.76 ounces, which means you don’t need any form of registration before flying it. Be assured that your kids will enjoy having fun with this durable and beautiful-looking drone.

The drone is suitable for kids of all age group, and acquiring one for your kids is an ideal way to get them to love, appreciate and understand the impact technology can have on human existence. The drone can withstand any massive crash and abuse from kids that some drones can’t. And it can also perform the 3D flips and rolls that will entertain your kids.

5. Parrot Mambo Drone

This drone is quite comfortable and safe for kids to fly. It also comes with tons of features that make piloting a drone worthwhile. For instance, your kids can control it up to 6 feet and shoot tiny balls with the drone. The Parrot Mambo can also help to transport items weighing 4 grams or less.

The Parrot Mambo entertains with fun acrobatics such as flips and rolls. And your kids can also fly the drone indoors or outdoors with their friends. This drone turns the sky into a playground and comes with a special Parrot fly pad with simple interface and controls which makes it a bit much easier to operate.

Interestingly, your kids can also control this drone with a Smartphone or tablet with ease. The drone comes with advanced stabilization technology that even when you are no longer using the controls, it will remain stable. Plus, there is more! You can also activate the ‘cut-out system’ to get the motor set for any impact. Have in mind that this drone doesn’t have a GPS system, but it has a down-facing camera and high-tech sensory that can make up for that.

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6. PowerVision PowerEgg Drone

As the name implies, the PowerEgg drone can collapse into an egg shape, making it easy for users to store and transport. It is one of the most captivating aerial camera drones on the market that perfectly combines elegance and high functionality.

This quadcopter is comfortable for both beginners and experts to fly. The drone also comes with spare batteries and can offer your kids the opportunity to enjoy up to 23 minutes of fun flying a drone in the sky.

The PowerEgg drone also comes with a solid backpack that can accommodate both the drone and a host of other accessories that your kids will need. Everything about this drone is built to make life easy. For instance, it comes with a high-tech maestro gesture-based controller that can interpret user’s arm movement in real time. With this, kids will be able to search to find out the exact location of their drone when the need arises. The drone also comes with a 64 gigabyte micro SD memory card.

7. JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter Drone

The JJRC is a compact and extremely lightweight drone (22grams). Unlike a couple of other budget drones, the JJRC is much easier to control and highly stable when flying, thanks to its 6-axis gyro feature. Having 6-blades makes it a bit more stable than drones with 4-blades.

As earlier said, the controller of the JJRC functions well but cuts out when the drone flies to around 50 feet. But because your kids don’t need to get their drones this high to have fun, the JJRC is still an ideal option. The drone is also high for indoor and outdoor use. Your kids will enjoy flying them in a small room.

Going by the manufacturer’s recommendation, this drone is suitable for individuals from 14 years and above. And also have in mind that this drone consumes much battery, which is why the battery doesn’t last very long. So, ensure your kids have the extra batteries charged and ready for use so the excitement won’t be on hold for long.

8. Tenergy TDR Phoenix

This drone comes with latest flight technologies, including everything that makes flying a drone much more comfortable and more engaging. One of them is the 0.3MP FPV camera that helps to capture diverse scenes when your kids are in action. The camera can record videos and capture images in real time. And you can move pictures and videos from the drone to a mobile device through a wireless connection when you finish recording or taking photos.

The Tenergy TDX drone is the kind of drone you and the kids would fall in love with on first sight. The drone is durable and built with a unique collision avoidance technology that causes it to detect obstacles or objects on its path to avoid damaging the drone while flying.

This drone is suitable for beginners and expert drone pilots. And for kids that are just starting out as drone pilots, the one-key command function on the Tenergy TDR will make flying less complicated and a bit easier starting from day one. The drone is also highly customizable. You can easily replace any part of the drone or initiate an upgrade.

9. Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter

This compact and well-built drone comes with features that make it suitable for kids who are seven years and up. It has a unique LED light that makes night flight possible. The Cheerson mini quadcopter also has a high-quality camera for capturing images and recording videos.

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The battery of this drone charges for 25 minutes, and it offers an average of 3 to 4 minutes of flight time. It comes with the battery protection mode and low voltage alarm indicator that tells when the 120 mAh 3.7V battery is getting low. With this indicator, the cell won’t be empty before charging, and this will help to prolong battery life.

This quadcopter features 3 flight speed mode with control distance of 15 to 30 meters. Regarding weight and blade size, the drone weighs 15 grams and the blade size is 30mm long. Also talking of the kind of battery used, it is advisable not to use an AAA battery as this might cause the transmitter to overheat and cause damage.


The MJX X400W is one of the hottest drones for kids on the market. It might be lacking in the area of security features, but not regarding performance. On the other hand, the controller comes with phone clip so your kids can hook their Smartphone firmly on the device and watch videos that the drone is shooting when it’s flying.

The MJX X400W features a high capacity battery with a 2 hours charge time and can let your kids pilot the drone for at least 10 minutes. And with the latest 6-axis Gyro flight control technology, the MJX X400W flies with incredible stability and offers you the change to take better pictures and videos.

This drone is quite easy to operate. And to use the built-in HD camera, all you need do is to download the MJX H app to connect to this camera. You also need to enable the Wi-Fi on your smartphone to access the drone’s camera.

11. Force1 UFO 3000 LED Quadcopter

The Force1 UFO is a high-tech drone built for adults and kids. The drone is quite easy to operate and puts up an exceptional performance. The drone’s LED light makes flying possible at night. But it is not heavy enough to fly outdoors, especially under heavy wind.

The Force1 UFO makes a great first kind drone with easy to use remote control system. It also comes with two extra 3.7V lithium batteries and your kids can enjoy at least 5 minutes of flight time from each of the cells when fully charged.

This drone also has three different flight modes with each designed to offer a different level of fun in a different environment. Overall this micro flyer is a more than a just a toy for kids. Even veterans will enjoy flying it indoors. It offers so much fun even in low light conditions and comes with extra accessories that will let your kids avoid frustration when flying the drone.


Drones come in different price range and sizes. They also have distinct features that make them unique. The drones on this list are the best drones for kids of all age group. Age recommendation for the different drones is also stated by the manufacturers. Identifying the best drone is no doubt, a daunting task because of the tons of products out there. But we have managed to bring together a great collection of drones that young pilots will be happy to fly and enjoy every moment they spend with their drones.

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