15 Best Free Online File Sharing Websites

Because things are just so expensive for most home-based freelancers who have yet to reach the stage of even considering themselves to be a verifiable startup to join the global trend and become an active part of the organically-growing economic trend of entrepreneurship, they would much rather grasp as many free tools as they can to help them on their way. To a large degree, online file sharing has not entirely responded to stay at home clients who are not necessarily distressed but could do with a helping hand.

Online file sharing websites have been around for a number of years. It’s just that many of the current crop of home-based workers were not entirely aware of these tools before. In fact, many of the file sharing hardware and software tools or catalogues were already embedded in their office desktop personal computers. Conforming to company protocols, most of the file-sharing functions were programmed and generally restricted to internal use.

Today, both multinationals and small startups have slowly but surely awoken to the need to be as amenable as possible with both in-house and their more important external clients. The sharing of information is vital for any business to function optimally and be able to achieve turnover targets and long-term profitability. The small-sized businesses, however, need to be made fully aware of the fact that not all files are being meted out for free.

Let’s face it, premium offers will come at a price

This is not a bad thing. Down the line, they will find a website that suits their needs perfectly. They may also find the so-called premium upgrades in line with their capital budgets. It goes without saying that the freely available free options, if you will, will be far more restrictive in many cases than the paid for versions. But not always.

15 Best Free Online File Sharing Websites

1. 4Shared

There is one snafu which concerned users may not like about this brand. No security password protection is provided for users sending files to other users off their original data base or website. File sendings are restricted to one hundred megabytes, but the big plus here is that up to five Gigabytes are available to use. Users need to dig a little deeper for more by registering for a premium account.

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2. Dropbox

this company’s name is coming up a lot more often these days. Creative and graphic designers have made good use of this company’s file offerings up to now. New startups collaborating their businesses directly to other company’s websites have been given an early invitation to take a tour of the website’s design features. Even better than the previous companies mentioned is that storage space is unlimited. There is also greater flexibility in the type of material that can be shared.

3. File Dropper

Here file size is maxed to 5 GB. But on early review, users will have to sign up for a premium account to make use of such sizes. Otherwise, free users are limited to 1000GB overall. This, however, may be sufficient for small startups and those who are only going to be submitting office type documents which do not take up much memory space. No password protection is given.

4. Files2U

This website may be perfect for those wanting to take full and maximum advantage of extensive free services. The services on offer are entirely web-based. There is also a guarantee to new users not having to worry about the usual restrictions imposed when sending out standard emails. No registration is needed and there are no premium sign-up options. Best of all file size is unlimited. But is this service free? Users will have to check out the website to find out.

5. Google Drive

By now, most internet users should be familiar with Google. But perhaps a great many users have restricted themselves to say, just their email account. This is free with Google. So too, up to 15GB of files. Along with this, they also have access to creating their own Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents for free. All free services can be obtained simply by opening a Gmail account, for free.

6. ICloud

A free service offering comes up to a point. 5GB of free space is provided. But this service is only available to users of Apple hardware and software. Unlike other free services elsewhere and listed here, the services on offer here are limited to basics. For instance, more complex tasks like creating and saving and then sending spreadsheets cannot be accessed via one of the downloadable apps for free. Also, most users will be uploading photos and the 5GB memory space may not be enough.

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7. Jumpshare

Here, the emphasis seems to be on speed. An unlimited number of files can be shared within seconds. Volume is also paramount. Over two hundred file formats are available for previewing. Online work is being completed faster. Pretty much all office functions are available under Jumpshare, a Windows affiliation. Links can be shared or sent by email. But Windows users upgrading to Windows 10 will have to pay for the file sharing upgrade as well.

8. Mail Big File

Productive workers may not feel that 200Mb per file is sufficient for their needs. For the rest, perhaps, it might be. There is, however, a premium account option, but no password protection is provided. While several file-sharing options and online support is offered, this service may come out to be a little pricey on a month to month basis.

9. MediaFire

While unlimited storage capacity is available, file size is limited to 100 Mb per share/send. This may be more than sufficient for administrative tasks only. Other users with image presentations in mind may have to look elsewhere. For the office worker, a host of options are given, with or without a premium account.

10. OneDrive

A versatile pack which is already on offer to Windows 10 users. The file sharing functions are pre-installed. New users who do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 still have the option of limited free storage space of up to 5GB

11. SaberCatHost

New users get up to 5GB of free storage space and fast downloads and uploads. Like most of the other listed services, there are options to upgrade, but in this case, only for specified periods of time. The service is nevertheless easy to use and is compatible with both web and mobile devices. A big plus here is that no accounts need to be opened

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12. SendThisFile

This company has unlimited file storage/size as well. However, a premium account option is available here. A registration process is required. Better still, there is password protection. An option is given to ensure a secure transfer of files.

13. Senduit

File size is unlimited, no registration is required and no premium options are being made available at this time. And there is no password protection either.

14. Streamfile

This is a European-based service. So, those who are within or near to the Continent who wish to deal directly with fellow-Europeans can turn to this service instead. Maximum file size is 300Mb, neither restrictive nor unlimited. However, streaming size max is halved to 150Mb. A premium service option is available and no registration is required.

15. Wikisend

This may be a case of saving the best for last. Because there is flexibility and personal (or business) convenience to be had here. Maximum file size is restricted to 1 Mb. But no registration process or premium options are required and offered, respectively. Better still; a password protection path has been given. Also, there is no limitation in the types of files that need to be shared. For the cynical reviewer, all this may seem too good to be true. The resourceful worker, on the other hand, will have already proceeded with his own research to find out more.

The alphabetical list of websites gave small startups and new users a brief and easy but informative guide on some of the best-known free online file sharing opportunities.

The information is designed to help unfamiliar users create a shorter and functional list of their own. This they can then use to test out by measuring how compatible the free services will be to their customized needs, whether these are going to be personal or commercially-oriented.

Do you know of some other free file sharing website? Please let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to include it in our list.

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